Our prototype Android application is being piloted in care homes to measure impact on mood and also on levels of agitation. The Prototype Memory Tracks app allows for multiple users. Each user can have their own tile-menu, their own selection of songs, and bespoke images if more suitable for them. This adaptability is important for use in settings such as a care home, or for a care visitor with multiple clients.

TopMen300             TileMenu3            TileMenu2

The Memory Tracks Tile-Menu allows the user to simple select the appropriate activity music by touching the corresponding tile image. Three examples of the play-view below:

Drink water / Hydrate                Take Medication                  Dress or be dressed

Drink300            Meds300            Dress300

The set up is simple. Select a Tile or photo to represent a task or activity. Select a song to link to that activity. Save. Its done. You have a new activity tile and song.

SetUP1            Tunes1300            Tunes2300

If you would like to help evaluate the app, or help us grow Memory Tracks please reach us via the Contact page.